Crane Paper Bags Ltd was founded in 2009 by Mrs Nimisha Patel. Initially started in a highly competitive market and over time capturing a large part of the market share becoming one of the leading manufactures within Uganda and East Africa for paper bags. We have been continuously gaining high market positions through adding new machines. Demand for paper packaging was rapidly increasing and therefore a variety of different products were introduced.

Corporate Objectives

  • Printing capabilities enable us to stipulate simple or complex print designs on all products.
  • Reputation in the Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda region based on excellent quality, first class service and an ability to manufacture a wide range of paper bags.
  • Export sales part of long term strategic plans.
  • People - strong ales and technical team backed by years of experience
  • Continuous staff training projects
  • Investment - committed to an on-going investment program in new technology, plan and equipment.
  • Paper bags production at the fore front of our operations.
  • Anticipation of the changing needs is one of our greatest strengths.
  • Latest automated machinery, with in-line printers provides 'just-in-time' delivery at the competitive prices.
  • Meeting the demand of environmental needs of fast food chains, supermarkets, wine merchants and other retailers and wholesalers.
  • Commitment to customers at value for money prices making us the market leaders.

Our Staff

We have a team of fully dedicated employees who work tirelessly to ensure that we maintain high quality paper bags, timely delivery and client satisfaction. With our team of young energetic and well qualified staff we guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

Team work

At Crane Paper Bags we always work as a team to ensure streamlined and efficient product and service delivery. Our product designers work hand in hand with our clients to ensure we deliver exactly what the client wants most times even exceeding our clients expectations.